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CaMa Service Move & Clean – A safe and sound alternative for your relocation.

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Assistance with your move – Are you worth it?

When you read this it’s probably time for you to relocate and build a new home somewhere else. Maybe this isn’t your first time and you remember how your last move was too heavy, boring and incredibly slow. Maybe there’s also a chance that your friends & family remember it just like that?

Never mind and do things the way they should be done this time! To hire a professional moving firm that assist you with all the services you might need – for example a firm that sees to all your packing needs are made to perfection, delivered safe and also helps you to mount your items and unpacks them – it doesn’t cost that fortune you might think. We at CaMa Service even offer to take care of cleaning out your apartment. We promise you, we’re a bargain!

Safe, fast and smooth – Moving services can be worth their weight in gold!

After more that 10 years in the business and with a fine reputation we’re more than confident to say that we’re moving experts. We help individuals as well as companies with our moving services on a daily basis in Stockholm and we always manage fragile and items of value with great caution and care. We’re also aware that the value of affection often is far higher than the economic value of the items that we relocate. With us as your moving firm your objects is always in safe hands, which is a big part of what we do. That is also why we have a Responsibility Insurance at Trygg Hansa. We also have permits for all our professional drivers.


Ansvarsförsäkring via If

Att flytta är alltid jobbigt, oavsett om det är privat eller med ditt företag. Det vi kan garantera dig är att det flyter på så snabbt och smidigt som möjligt. Dessutom har vi en ansvarsförsäkring via If, vilket gör att du som kund kan känna dig extra trygg.

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RUT-avdrag 50%


RUT är en förkortning av Rengöring, Underhåll och Tvätt. RUT-avdrag ger dig möjligheten till skatteavdrag för husarbete. Exempel på tjänster är städning, flytt och trädgårdsarbete. Avdrag ges enbart för arbetskostnad.

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